What To Do After Stump Grinding: A Guide for Grand Rapids Homeowners

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Are you wondering what to do after stump grinding because you're looking at an empty space where your tree once stood? You need a professional tree service in Grand Rapids, MI, to inspire you!

Below, Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids shares the best options for using grindings and restoring the spot from which you removed the tree stump.

Tip #1: Consider the Environmental Impact

After a tree service removes and grinds down a stump, you have several options. If you’re growing tired of the new bald spot in your landscaping, why not take some advice from the tree experts about the best approach?

Of course, before you decide, you’ll want to first consider tree anatomy. Can you plant a new one without damaging your lawn? Would replacing the tree’s spot with grass be better for the area, erosion, and the pipe systems under the ground? 

If the tree you removed was very old, it may have stripped the nutrients from the soil in a way that couldn't support a new sapling. When you’re deciding what to do after stump grinding, consider the following environmental factors:

  • The previous health track record of the removed tree

  • The potential soil health that’s left

  • Whether a new tree’s roots will be invasive or lack support

Tip #2: Consider Cleaning Up

The second tip to move past the stump grinding aftermath is to look at the area’s general messiness.

Clear Debris To Make Room

Prioritize stump grinding cleanup, especially if the area has a pile of wood chips waiting for you to decide on its fate. Piles and mess hinder the growth of grass and new plants or trees. A local provider like Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids could take the chips away for other projects or move them somewhere suitable within your property or landscaping.

Recycle Wood Chips and Grindings to the Benefit of Other Plants

When dealing with stump debris, you can use the grindings in multiple ways, such as:

  • Fill the hole with wood and cover it with topsoil.

  • Use the wood as mulch or rake a one-inch layer into your soil.

  • Break down the chips in your compost heap for a couple of months.

Tip #3: Consider Growing Things Again

Once you’re seeing some potential in the clean space, you may want to replant stuff.

Seed Plants

As part of post-stump-grinding care, why not consider replanting after stump removal? Grass or a new tree could completely change the space.

Consult Arborists

Finally, one of the most important steps after stump removal is to consult a certified arborist about the quality of your soil, the property’s micro-ecosystem, and how to help new trees or plants flourish. If you don’t plant a new tree, arborists can also provide great advice for reseeding your yard.

Contact Our Tree Experts for Effective Stump Grinding and Tree Care

Those are a few ideas for what to do after stump grinding. Why not consult Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids about restoring beauty to your yard or other signs a tree needs to be removed? Call (616) 681-4107 today!