What Happens if You Cut a Tree Root in Grand Rapids, MI?

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Are protruding roots on your property preventing you from fully utilizing your yard? You're probably wondering what happens if you cut a tree root—could you just slash it without harming the tree?

Any reliable tree service in Grand Rapids, MI, will be able to help you understand the dire effects of cutting tree roots the wrong way. Below, Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids goes into more detail and offers alternatives for achieving your landscaping goals.

The Importance of Tree Roots

Before you can understand the impact of tree root removal, you must grasp the vital role roots play in a tree’s health.


Most people know that roots help the tree obtain nutrients, but not all roots serve this function. Feeding roots are those small fibrous tendrils that draw water from the ground and direct it to the trunk. Without them, the tree would dehydrate and die.


Did you know that some roots’ primary functions involve supporting the tree and preventing it from falling over? You can identify these roots easily. They're large, thick, and protrude directly from the base of the tree.

The Dangers of Chopping Protruding Roots

So, what happens if you cut a tree root? Whether you cut the structure or feeding roots, you’ll be risking serious consequences for the health of your tree. Arborists and conservation experts are working incredibly hard to safeguard the trees people take for granted, and that includes preventing unnecessary tree root damage.

If you ignore the world’s tree crisis and still cut your tree’s roots, the consequences might include the following:

  • Lost structural integrity: Cutting the roots of a tree with a diameter over two inches risks it falling over. Your home, family, and neighbors will be in danger.

  • Starving trees: Severing the smaller feeding roots starves the tree and leaves it highly vulnerable to infection or infestation. Once sick, the tree may rot, fall, or shed branches onto surrounding structures, vehicles, or people.

  • Spreading problems: With a lack of nutrients and stability, your tree will eventually face infestations, either from fungus or pests. Diseases and pests can spread, so by cutting one or two roots, you’re risking all the other trees in your yard.

Overcoming Visible Roots

Have you cut a tree root? Arborists can help with tree stability after root cutting so that you can avoid some of the risks of cutting tree roots mentioned above.

A provider like Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids can help with the following:

  • Help you plan your landscaping goals without cutting roots.

  • If necessary, cut the right roots using the right techniques to keep the tree safe. 

  • Remove the tree if it poses a danger to other plant life or structures.

Let the Tree Experts Deal With Your Tree Root Damage Consequences

You’ve seen what happens if you cut a tree root incorrectly, so don’t risk it. Let a team like Monster Tree Service of Grand Rapids help you uphold tree health after root cutting or even obtain HOA approval to remove a tree, where necessary. 

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