How To Treat Black Spots on Tree Leaves in Greenville County

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Leaf spots in Upstate South Carolina are common and usually do not pose a serious threat to tree health. However, the appearance of black spots with other conditions can indicate additional problems that might need professional attention.

"Leaf spot disease" is a broad term involving several infections or diseases affecting trees. Fungal infections cause most black leaf spots found on trees in Greenville County.

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Will Black Leaf Spots Kill a Tree?

While black spots can cause leaves to fall off prematurely as autumn approaches, they are usually short-term issues that will not affect a tree in the following spring. Many hardwood species are more prone to developing leaf spots during cooler and wet weather as summer ends. 

The spots are cosmetically unattractive and cause leaves to fall early because the fungus causing them feeds on the leaves. When a tree senses that leaves are under attack, it will shed them as a defensive move against the spread of the fungus.

Fortunately for established trees, this process usually comes later in the season after plant foliage has done most of the work needed for the season. Excessively hot and humid weather can cause leaf spot diseases earlier in the summer, but not as rapidly as cool and wet weather.

Significant leaf loss earlier in the season can affect a tree's ability to store energy. That can cause a tree's health to decline and can kill a tree with serious infections.

Which Trees Get Leaf Spots?

In our region, almost all trees can get some form of leaf spot disease. The condition is most noticeable on broadleaf trees, usually hardwoods like oaks, maples, and chestnuts. 

How Does Leaf Spot Disease Spread?

Airborne spores spread diseases caused by various fungi. Arborists think of fungal spores as microscopic seeds. As black spots develop on tree leaves, they release spores that ride on air currents to other leaves and green plants. In addition to wind, rain helps to spread spores and causes them to grow more rapidly. 

Insects also spread fungal diseases from tree to tree as they feed and travel on leaves. 

Treating Black Spots

Prevention is often the best cure; to keep your trees healthy, you should:

  • Water your plants during the early morning

  • Rake away any fallen, diseased leaves as soon as you notice them

  • Keep a close eye on your plants and act as soon as you notice a problem

That said, even the best-kept trees may develop issues eventually. If you notice black spots forming, you'll likely need to use a fungicide to get rid of them. Take the time to speak to a certified arborist about what you should use; they can make recommendations and even handle treatment for you.

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