Will Broken Branches Kill a Tree? Care Tips for Greenville County Residents

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Tree branches experience damage from time to time, especially during strong winds and severe storms. As a tree owner, it helps to understand the effects of broken limbs on tree health. Will broken branches kill a tree?   

As Greenville’s leading tree company, the Monster Tree Service of Greenville County crew delves deeper into the impact of broken branches on trees and answers the question: “Will broken limbs kill a tree?”  

Can Broken Branches Harm Trees?  

The consequences of tree branch damage typically depend on the extent of the damage. Although broken branches might rob your landscape of its aesthetic appeal, your tree will most likely survive the damage.   

However, the resulting wound gives pests, diseases, and decay agents an easy passageway into the tree. Left unchecked, these unwanted elements can take a toll on the tree’s health and even kill it. While broken branches won’t kill a healthy tree, they can grant access to elements that can.  

What to Do When Branches Break Off a Tree  

Sometimes, major damage or a delay in providing first aid to a broken branch can damage the tree completely. Therefore, you should make it a priority to attend to broken tree branches immediately.  

Will broken branches kill a tree? Not necessarily. The following steps should come in handy when handling trees with broken branches:  

Assess the Damage  

Start by assessing the broken branches. Has the tree lost major limbs? Did the broken branches leave major wounds? Do you need help clearing the branches and fixing the damage?  

Clear the Branches  

You want to remove broken branches as soon as possible to prevent accelerated decay. If a branch broke off at the trunk, you don’t need to remove it entirely. Just cut off the broken part and leave the remaining branch.  

While you may be able to reconnect and repair small broken branches, large branches may prove challenging to fix.  

Check for Wounds and Damage  

Check for and treat wounds such as ripped bark. For example, using a knife to smooth out where a branch fell and ripped off some bark allows the tree to compartmentalize and repair itself.  

Seek Professional Help  

Rather than struggle with broken branches yourself, consider hiring a tree care expert. DIY tree care may seem cost-effective, but only a seasoned expert can notice potentially hidden damage. Also, a tree care expert will know how best to improve the chances of tree survival with broken branches.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

Now that you can answer the question: will broken branches kill a tree? You want to hire only competent professionals for your tree care needs. Trust Monster Tree Service of Greenville County to keep your trees healthy and beautiful.  

We always arrive on time and offer upfront pricing for the various tree care services we provide, which include:  

  • Tree removal  

  • Plant health care  

  • Tree/shrub pruning and trimming

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