Potential Hazards of Tree Removal

As I’ve said before, Monster Tree Service takes safety seriously. Every day before the crews leave the shop they have a safety session. Each day is a slightly different topic. I’ll share a portion of Session 47 with you. (I’ve taken some casual license with the verbiage….for help with visualization….your welcome).



Running chain saw(s)

Falling tree

Falling braches, struck-by injuries

Electric wires

Rot in tree

Split base

Safety gear advised for tree removal include, gloves (for a steady grip), chaps (so if the chain saw goes extra fast and hits your leg, you won’t lose it), ear protectors (so you don’t go deaf), heavy work boots (so if something is dropped on your foot you won’t break any bones), hard hats (in case something falls from the tree and aims for your head), eye/safety googles (so when things go flying, they don’t go flying into your eye….but if you Do run into trouble and need to see an eye doctor, I know the cutest eye doctor in Minneapolis. No kidding, I’ll drive you.)

Let’s take a quiz:

  1. Before any removal operation begins consider:
  2. The shape and lean of the tree
  3. The wind force and direction
  4. The location of property, plants, sprinkler systems and any electrical conductors
  5. All of the above

(The answer is……I’ll let you guess)

Arborist chopping down tree