Today Is Sugar Cookie Day!

Once again, today’s blog has nothing to do with trees because we are taking a break to celebrate and eat, eat, eat sugar cookies! I think this is a great holiday, second only to Donut Day. Last donut day I went to four different grocery stores and bakeries to find donuts only to find them all sold out of donuts by the time I got there. I cannot tell you how disappointed I was. And, I had built up the event by getting my daughter excited that I was going to deliver donuts to her dance team that day. They forgave me for lack of donuts since I have a really great dip that I bring to all the competitions…..(“Uga Muga’s Dip” which is named after my Swedish grandmother, Uga Muga. I knew you wanted to know).

The good part of the donut day fiasco was the excitement in knowing that there had been an actual run on donuts and the entire city was on board! I will be going out today to find out how the sugar cookie rates on the excitement scale and report back to you. In the meantime, get out there! If you have a tree crew working in your yard this hot July day, bring them a Sugar Cookie! Sometimes it’s the simple things that bring us all together. And, if you would like the recipe for Uga Muga’s dip, give us a call at Monster Tree Service. We are a full-service tree care company.