Types of Trees Based on Their Leaves

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I am learning more about trees every day, but it is a huge field of study. Today, let’s talk about the two main types of trees, but only based on their leaves. Deciduous and Evergreen.

DECIDUOUS trees are the trees whose leaves lose their green coloring and turn orange, red, or brown before they are shed generally in the autumn. These have got to be the funner trees cause they are soooo pretty to look at in the autumn. Do your prefer saying autumn or fall? I like them both, but apparently the word “fall” as related to the season is mostly used in the USofA. So I think “autumn” is nicer, but “fall” is slangier.

EVERGREEN trees carry their leaves through the year. Also, they don’t usually change color. I guess a tree that always has color, or green, is nice too. During winter it is nice to look outside and see anything green. So thank you, evergreens.