The Perfect Gift for Christmas…. a Miracle Tree

Christmas tree covered in snow

I’ve found the perfect gift for Christmas and the fact that it is tree related is just a bonus. Over the last several years my daughter and her friends would pool their money for Christmas and purchase a donation through Heifer International. They would buy a goat or a llama and this gift would be delivered to a needy community or family to use as a sustaining food and income source. It is a great organization and really rewarding for both the giver and receiver.

However, just recently I came across another similar option…. the Moringa Tree. Sometimes referred to as the miracle tree, or drumstick tree, or horseradish tree, the Moringa oleifera is a tree native to South Asia and throughout the tropics. Now, let’s be clear, I am no doctor, (that should be obvious to any of you who have read my other genius-like blogs), and naturally I cannot substantiate any of the claims, but I am going to list some stuff about this tree….you be the judge.

Used as part of traditional medicine for about 4,000 years with the cure or prevention of about 300 diseases.

The leaves are packed with nutrition: protein, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vitamin A, iron, and fiber and anti-oxidants

Appears to have anti-diabetic effects and lowers blood sugar levels

Reduces inflammation, traditionally for stomach ulcers and protection of the liver from chronic inflammation

Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels and may lower cholesterol

Protection against arsenic toxicity (which is important with contamination of ground water), so water purification

High in fiber and works like a mop in your diet to clean up your intestines from a greasy diet making Moringa leaves a potential detoxification tool

In addition to the value of the leaves on the tree being kinda awesome, the rest of the tree can be used for plant fertilizer, plant disease prevention, pulp, rope-making, cleaning agents, forage for animals and fish, dye, gum, hand washing, and many more. The seedlings can be purchased and sent through various organizations to impoverished areas. It is a fast growing tree and can be harvested year round but unfortunately for us, is a sun and heat-loving plant. (Otherwise I would be gifting myself with a tree and having Monster Tree Service plant it!)

Okay, so I am on my way to two places, the health food store, and the internet. Now I’m going brew Moringa tea before my New Year’s Eve Party so I can go in feeling superior. That and an Asian pear, it’s a one/two punch…..and both products of trees!

Happy Holidays!