How Trees Grow

Hello Monster Tree Service readers. I found an interesting article from the Minnesota DNR which explains simply how trees grow. (So, thank you Minnesota DNR). I know it seems obvious, but I love to break things down. Let’s explore. A tree is technically a woody plant. Trees grow throughout their lives and they grow in three areas:

  1. The roots grow longer as cells in the tips divide
  2. New shoots, twigs, and leaves form as buds open and grow
  3. And, (this is the coolest), the trunk and branches grow thicker as the layer of cells beneath the bark – or CAMBIUM, makes new layers of ZYLEM and PHLOEM (the cells that carry water, sugar, and nutrients up and down the tree). This process makes the tree grow in diameter. They get bigger and stronger and grow tree rings as they do it. Layers and layers of cells.

Now I want to go Mod Podge something. I can’t grow a tree, but I can create something extremely tacky by painting layer after layer of fabric and glue instead of zylem and phloem cells. (You see, I am actually giving you a creative visual of the growth process). Maybe I’ll mod podge a tree! I’ll bet someone else has done this. Yes, look at Pinterest. They have everything. Basically, Google for crafts. I went to a “wine and canvas” party the other night and it was really ironic that the event had us all paint a tree. See below a picture of my creation. Oddly, everyone thought it was extremely funny that mine actually looked like a monster tree. Even odder, that wasn’t my intention at all. I have craft envy.

Tree Painting Craft