Ash Trees Symbolize Sacrifice, Sensitivity, and High Awareness

Ah, the ash tree. So ironic that it can symbolize sacrifice. As we have previously discussed, the poor ash tree is in jeopardy in Minnesota. And now to see that it symbolizes sacrifice and sensitivity combined makes perfect sense. The fact that it also symbolizes awareness is bringing out the mother in me and makes me want to run right out and protect it.

Did you know that the wood of the ash is a favorite for furniture and flooring, and the white, strong, and straight-grained wood is the timber choice for most baseball bats? I didn’t. So the ash tree is also into the great American pastime, Baseball! Go Saints! Go Twins! This tree is the total package.

After you call Monster Tree Service to take a look at protecting your ash trees you should go give it a hug and then go to the ballpark. Get a hot dog and a beer for me.

Ash Tree