Beware of Spike Boots!

At Monster Tree Service we care deeply about the health of your trees. Tree pruning a large tree should always be accomplished by having someone climb into the tree without the use of tree climbing spikes. This is climbing equipment that has spikes that you mount around your boots so you can step up a tree trunk like climbing a ladder. Each time the spikes enter the tree it is like the tree is being stabbed and damaging its health to the extent that it could even result in the death of the tree. Obviously though, tree spiking would be appropriate if the tree is being taken down for removal.

Think of tree climbing like climbing a mountain without the footholds or crevices. It is primarily accomplished with ropes. You actually climb the rope more than you climb the tree. It is a great workout for the abs. Have you seen American Ninja Warriors? I’ll bet tree climbers would do well in that competition. I can’t believe what those athletes are capable of. It is one of the few shows I watch where I get vocal and yell “OOOOHHHH” after someone falls. The others are Antique Roadshow when someone gets the price value of their stuff, and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Now I’m sure some of you are saying that I watch too much TV. Well, maybe. But not everyone can be a ninja or tree climber. Someone has to be a super fan!

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