Who Is Responsible for Trimming Trees Near Power Lines in Nashville, TN

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Trees growing near power lines pose various safety risks, from power outages and injuries to fires and equipment damage. As a tree owner, you wouldn’t want your trees to interfere with nearby power lines. But who is responsible for trimming trees near power lines in Nashville, Tennessee?  

As the go-to tree service provider in Nashville, TN, our crew at Monster Tree Service of Music City delves deeper into responsibility for power line vegetation clearance. Keep reading to learn more about the party responsible for utility line vegetation maintenance.  

Tree Trimming Responsibilities Near Power Lines  

If you have trees on your property, it helps to know who trims trees close to power lines. Even more important, you need to invest in preventive maintenance. For example, State laws typically require specific clearances between trees and power lines.  

Preventing serious issues before they occur will prove easier and more cost-efficient for everyone involved.  

Tree Trimming Around Power Lines  

In most states, The National Electrical Safety Code requires electric utilities to maintain trees near power lines. The code sets requirements regarding the installation, maintenance, and operation of electrical supply and communication lines as well as equipment. 

Power company tree trimming became mandatory in the early 2000s. By planning and conducting regular tree trimming around power lines, utility companies can save time and money and stay compliant.  

How It Works  

Who is responsible for trimming trees near power lines? If your utility provider is responsible for cutting back trees near power lines, they’ll monitor tree growth near power lines. The utility company will usually cut back more than the distance considered safe to allow for future growth.  

When the time comes to trim your trees, your utility provider will most likely notify you a week or so in advance. The notice will let you know of any arrangements you need to make ahead of time, such as removing any vehicles parked nearby.  

During the service, the utility provider will send a professional tree trimming company to trim the trees back. Keep in mind that you may bear the responsibility of cleaning up any debris that falls to the ground. As such, prepare to clean up debris as necessary.  

In some locations, and with some utility providers, customers bear the responsibility of trimming trees around electrical wires. Always contact your utility provider to confirm the party responsible for trimming your trees.  

Trust Your Local Tree Experts for Help  

Now that you know who is responsible for trimming trees near power lines, it helps to know a competent tree service for your tree care needs. Look no further than Monster Tree Service of Music City for top-tier, affordable, and honest tree service.  

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