How Long Will a Dead Tree Stand in North Atlanta, GA?

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The structural integrity of dead trees won't stay intact forever. Eventually, the tree won't be able to remain upright and can fall on your property. But exactly how long will a dead tree stand? 

Atlanta's tree service specialists at Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta provide the answer in this helpful guide. Learn details about dead tree stability over time and the preferred timeframe for dead tree removal.

Why Do Dead Trees Eventually Fall?

Before answering the question, "How long do dead trees remain upright?" let's first examine the reasons why dead trees eventually fall to the ground. A tree dies when it no longer receives adequate nutrients from the roots. Decay can first appear in the branches and canopy of the tree before it overtakes the underground roots. 

Once the roots face total destruction, they will no longer be able to support the structure. The tree will fall when the roots lose all strength. 

Factors That Affect the Duration of Standing Dead Trees

How long will a dead tree stand? Arborists will tell you that the lifespan of a dead tree depends on a few key factors. Below are some of the top components that determine when how long the tree remains upright. 

Cause of Decay

If you're able to pinpoint what kills your tree, you'll get a better understanding of how long it will stay standing. Diseased trees tend to fall sooner than those that die due to drought or other natural causes. 

Tree Species

Some types of trees face higher risks of falling once they die. For example, hardwood species like cedar trees can remain upright for several years after death, while ponderosa pines tend to fall much sooner. 


If severe storms pass through the area, high winds could compromise the tree. Since the roots won't be able to fully support the tree, it's possible that powerful weather could uproot the tree and knock it onto your property. 

How to Prevent Tree Injury and Death

If you want to keep your vegetation vibrant and healthy, you must take steps to prevent tree injuries and diseases. Experts recommend the following tips:

  • Avoid overfertilizing

  • Apply organic mulch to the tree base

  • Install barriers to keep animals away from the tree

  • Prune the tree for maintenance and growth

Healthy trees will continue to grow and produce foliage that enhances your curb appeal. Be mindful of any changes in a tree's appearance and have a specialist assess the structure to diagnose any diseases. They can provide tips that help you maintain your tree's health. 

Receive Professional Tree Service in North Atlanta

How long will a dead tree stand? Is it possible to save a half-dead tree? The experts at Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta can answer these questions and more. 

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