How to Landscape Around a Tree with Exposed Roots in North Atlanta, GA?

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Tree roots appearing above the ground become an eyesore. Enhancing aesthetics around exposed tree roots is possible while also helping preserve the tree's health. Learn how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots and reach out to the most trusted tree service company in Atlanta for help dealing with visible roots. 

Why You Can't Ignore Exposed Tree Roots

If you spot tree roots peeking out of the ground, you must act fast. Exposed roots compromise the health of your tree and make it more susceptible to:

  • Damage from lawn mowers and other yard equipment

  • Inability to absorb water and nutrients

  • Loss of insulation

All of these factors could lead to disease and decay. Without intervention, you'll have to remove the dead tree or risk it falling on your property. Thankfully, landscapers have ways of designing around exposed tree roots that both enhance your curb appeal and benefit the ailing tree. 

Landscaping Solutions for Exposed Tree Roots

Ask an arborist how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots, and they'll encourage you to find solutions that cover the roots without harming the tree. The following tree root landscaping ideas will help you strike that balance. 

Plant Ground Cover, Not Grass

When it comes to creative landscaping for trees with visible roots, experts enjoy ground cover plants like Irish moss and bunchberry rather than grass. These plants don't require mowing and also prevent foot traffic around the tree so the roots can grow. Consult with an arborist to find a ground cover plant suitable for your property based on the following:

  • Climate

  • Sun exposure

  • Soil

Add Mulch

Beautifying tree roots in the landscape can be as simple as adding a layer of organic mulch around the base of the tree. Not only does the mulch cover the unsightly roots, but it also insulates them and helps them absorb proper nutrients. This simple solution also eliminates root damage from lawnmowers since you'll no longer need to cut grass around the base of the tree. 

Tips for Preventing Exposed Tree Roots 

Soil compaction can cause tree roots to appear above the ground's surface. Rather than adding more soil, tree care specialists recommend maintaining the area around the tree with mulch. In addition, you should apply fertilizer to ensure that the roots receive the proper nutrients. 

Testing your soil will give you a better idea of the nutrients the soil doesn't contain so you can apply a custom fertilizer to promote growth. Schedule other tree maintenance measures like pruning to prevent damage from diseases. 

Schedule a Tree Service in North Atlanta

Now you know how to landscape around a tree with exposed roots, but do you know how to prevent dieback in trees or save a diseased tree? The experts at Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta can enhance all of the trees on your property with services like pruning, tree health maintenance, and more. 

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