Overwatered Tree Recovery Tips for North Atlanta Homeowners

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Do you worry you’ve got an overwatered tree? Learn to recognize the signs and what to do by reading this guide from Monster Tree Service, your reliable tree service company in Atlanta

Why Is Overwatering Bad? 

Excess water is bad for soil health and your tree. It’s potentially worse than underwatering because it’s hard to correct. What happens is that the roots can’t get enough oxygen and suffocate. 

Signs That You Have Been to Liberal With the Water

The best thing to start with is to check the amount of water in the soil. Make a hole about two inches deep and dig out some of the soil. If it’s soggy, you may have a problem and need to allow the soil to drain. 

Other signs of an overwatered tree include yellowing or wilting leaves and fungal growth. 

The Solution

You need to act quickly. It’s bad if trees leave their roots in water for too long.

Reduce the Water Supply

The best cure is to prevent overwatering in the first place. You should always perform the soil test before you water your tree. If it’s still damp, wait two or three days. If it’s too late, stop watering immediately and allow the ground to dry out. 

Remove Mulch

Mulching is a good tree care practice, but it does prevent water evaporation. If the ground’s too wet, remove the mulch and let the soil dry. You can always reapply it later. 

Aerate the Soil

You can speed up the process by digging over the top layer or punching holes into it. Another way to add extra air is to incorporate organic compost. This loamy layer contains ingredients that will sop up extra water. 

Relocate the Tree

This isn’t a step we recommend lightly, but it may be necessary if you planted the tree in a wet area. It may also be necessary if there’s poor drainage.

Amend the Soil

If you can’t move your tree, you can try amending the soil. You can gently dig in organic compost or river sand to improve drainage. You have to be careful not to damage the roots, though.

Cover the Area

If there’s too much water because of rain, you can try covering the entire surface area under the dripline with a waterproof tarp. It’s a last-ditch measure but may be enough to prevent your tree from drowning. 

You should remove the tarp when the rain finishes so that any water remaining in the soil can evaporate. 

Look for Hidden Sources of Water

If you’re not giving the tree too much moisture, the soil may be flooding due to a leaking pipe or garden hose. Check if this is the case and correct the problem as soon as possible. 

Contact Us for the Right Advice

The signs of an overwatered tree are similar to those of an underwatered one. If you need help identifying a tree issue, call Monster Tree Service at (770) 872-6759 to schedule a professional consultation. Our experts will give you the right advice.