Winter Tree Care: Everything You Need to Know

Dead Tree Image

What do you get when you take good care of your trees? They’ll keep growing healthy and beautiful for decades to come! And what better time to give your trees some much-needed attention than during the winter months when most trees lie dormant for a while?

In fact, proper tree care in winter can mean the difference between life and death. Below, Monster Tree Service’s professional Houston tree service company gives a few valuable winter tree care tips to keep your trees in great shape year-round.

Only Prune Young Trees If They’re Well-Established

Many trees enter dormancy in winter, and this is the best time to prune them. If they’re young but have well-established root systems (after three to five years), pruning is a great idea. It will help them develop a robust structure and prevent future damage like limb failure. 

If you want to prune correctly with the proper equipment, hiring a certified arborist like Monster Tree Service is key. This is particularly important if you want to prune a mature tree without causing irreversible damage.

Fertilization is Essential for Root Health

The right fertilizer will keep your tree roots healthy in winter. When your soil has sufficient nutrients, it encourages the roots to grow deeper into the ground, anchoring your tree against the harsh winter weather to extend its life. 

Still, it pays to consult a certified tree care professional about which fertilizer suits your tree. You don’t want to end up with a severely injured or dead tree simply because you used the wrong product for your tree species, soil type, and location. 

Hydrate Your Trees But Protect Them From Snow and Ice

We can hardly talk about winter tree care without mentioning watering. To help your trees survive the cold and drier winter months, ensure they have sufficient water. 

What’s the right way to water the soil around your trees? Slowly, so the water can gradually seep into the roots. Instead of sticking the hose directly at the trunk, spread the water around the area under the tree’s canopy reach so that you can be confident all the roots receive sufficient hydration. 

How much water should you give your tree in winter? Experts recommend ten gallons of water per inch in diameter. Talk to a tree care expert to help you create a watering schedule for every tree species you have in your yard. 

As a side note, you will need to be careful to protect your vulnerable trees when watering or just facing snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. Young trees and some subtropical species may not survive temperatures below 32 degrees and need protection from tarps, burlap, or other protective materials. This helps trap the earth’s built-up warmth. 

Contact Your Local Tree Experts for Assistance

Do you need some help with winter tree care? Monster Tree Service is the go-to local arborist in Houston, TX, and provides the following services and more:

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