Your Complete Fall Tree Care Checklist To Keep Trees Healthy

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Trees spend much of fall preparing for dormancy and winter weather. However, that doesn’t mean you should stop caring for your trees and shrubs. Fall is a great time to maintain your trees and ensure they withstand Magnolia’s chilly winter temperatures. 

To help you maintain your trees, Monster Tree Service of Northwest Houston put together an efficient fall tree care checklist that will ensure your trees stay healthy and robust through winter and beyond.

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Preparing Your Trees for Winter: Your Fall Tree Care Checklist

Performing a few fall tree maintenance tasks is a surefire way to keep your trees healthy during winter and ensure they thrive once warm spring temperatures arrive. Below are a few fall tree care tips to help your trees prepare for winter.

Fertilize the Soil

Trees and shrubs need nutrients to grow and stay healthy. Adding fertilizer to your soil will give the trees plenty of nutrients for winter, preserving their well-being until warmer temperatures take hold. It also creates an optimal growing environment for spring, giving you a head start on gardening.

Although you can apply any fertilizer to the soil, it’s best to use a granular fertilizer to

ensure it lasts throughout the season.

Reduce Soil Moisture

Trees require tons of water during Texas’s scorching summer. However, they don’t need as much water during fall and winter since temperatures aren’t as high. Applying the same amount of water during fall will result in overwatering, adversely affecting your tree’s health while increasing the chances of pests and diseases. Reducing your trees’ water intake will keep them healthy and ensure they don’t experience flooding.

Trim Tree Branches

Late fall is the perfect time to trim dead, diseased, and damaged branches off your trees. Most trees enter dormancy during late fall and early winter and benefit from moderate pruning. Remove any problematic branches or contact a professional arborist to ensure the best results. 

Add Fresh Mulch

High-quality mulch insulates tree roots during winter and helps the soil conserve moisture. It also prevents erosion, keeping your trees healthy during severe weather. Incorporate fresh mulch around your trees to give them an extra layer of protection against freezing temperatures and help the soil retain water. 

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