Why Is Pollarding Bad for Trees in Greenville County?

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If you've been taking care of your trees, you know the importance of pruning tree branches. Pruning can help control the growth of a tree, remove dead, diseased, or injured branches, increase the fruit production of healthier branches, and may be necessary to protect people or property from overgrowth. 

As beneficial as pruning is, you may have found yourself wondering, "Is pollarding bad for trees?" Pollarding, though a type of pruning, may seem too excessive, as many branches are cut, giving the tree a drastically different shape.

Here in Greenville County, you may have seen pollarded trees on main streets so that the branches don't overhang the road or sidewalk. Pollarding can be a helpful and even necessary method of controlling tree growth.

However, pollarding can damage and even kill trees if done incorrectly. That's why you must search for Greenville's professional tree service providers to ensure the health of your tree. 

Do You Need to Pollard Your Tree in Greenville County?

While pollarding can be beneficial, knowing when to pollard your tree makes all the difference. Pollarding a tree that's young or weak can damage the growth of the tree. Or, sometimes a regular, partial pruning is all that's needed. 

The factors to consider when deciding if your tree needs pollarding include the following: 

  • The tree will impact nearby structures such as phone or electrical wires, buildings, or walkways.

  • The root system of a tree is at risk of damaging underground piping or infrastructure.

  • The tree is in the path of heavy winds.

  • The tree has grown to a considerable height already.

When trying to answer, "Is pollarding bad for trees?" The answer is: it depends. Having expert tree care professionals answer your questions and conduct an assessment can help you decide between tree pollarding or simple tree trimming.

In some instances, you may need to conduct a tree removal and transplantation to another area. 

Important Factors To Remember With Pollarding a Tree in Greenville County

Pollarding a tree is a unique process that requires a case-by-case determination to be most effective. Two critical factors to consider across the board are improperly pollarding and over-pollarding. Improper pollarding can leave wounds within the tree that leave the plant susceptible to disease and rot while over-pollarding can weaken the tree's survival ability.

One of the most important factors to remember before conducting tree services like pruning or pollarding is that they require experts. As tree trimming becomes more popular in attempts to better control the shape, growth, and health of a tree, the need for tree safety becomes even more important. 

Peace of Mind With Tree Services in Greenville County: Monster Tree Service of Greenville County

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