A Guide to Enhancing Your Backyard Space With the Perfect Trees

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There’s something special about having trees in your backyard. They provide shade, beauty, and elegance in a way that is hard to replicate with anything else (think pergolas or gazebos). However, it can be tricky knowing which trees to plant to elevate your backyard space.

In this post, the top-notch tree service in Greenville discusses how you can choose the best trees for backyard spaces to breathe new life into your outdoor landscape.

Choose the Right Trees

As you begin your backyard tree selection, you only want to choose backyard landscaping trees that grow and thrive in the local climate. You should also consider factors like your soil type and the tree’s space requirements.

Below, we list some ideal trees for backyard spaces in Greenville County:

  • Southern magnolia. This beautiful evergreen tree has glossy leaves and beautiful white flowers that come to life in the spring and summer. 

  • Flowering dogwood. Homeowners consider this a top option when choosing trees for backyard spaces because it has attractive fall foliage and magnificent spring blooms.

  • Redbud. The vibrant pink flowers of this tree can transform your backyard in spring. This low-maintenance option can tolerate various soil conditions.

  • Overcup oak. This slow-growing tree option transforms into a majestic tree. It will provide ample shade in your backyard and support wildlife.

  • American Holly. This is one of the top backyard trees to consider if you want a tree that will add some color to your backyard in the winter. The bright red berries against a snowy backdrop become a sight to behold!

Consider the Placement and Design

After you’ve chosen the right trees, you have to strategically decide on where to plant them to maximize their impact within your backyard space. 

Choosing the best trees for backyard spaces won’t matter if you don’t consider factors like your yard’s layout, existing structures, sightlines, etc., when planting them.

If you plant shade trees, you should consider planting them around the west side of your backyard to keep out the sun during the hottest parts of the day. If you want the trees to provide some privacy, you should plant them as close to your property lines as possible.

Complement the Trees With Hardscaping

Trees help create a welcoming atmosphere around your outdoor space on their own. However, you can take things further by incorporating elements such as pathways and seating areas to complement the trees and make the backyard space truly attractive. 

Embrace the Right Maintenance Regime 

Proper maintenance is highly essential for your tree’s health and longevity, especially in the earliest stages of the tree’s life. Proper and regular watering, mulching, periodic fertilizer application, and periodic pruning can help keep your trees looking great through the seasons.

Get Expert Advice on Backyard Tree Planting From Your Local Tree Service Experts

Do you need further guidance on choosing the best trees for backyard spaces? Do you need help planting them and growing them to maturity? Maybe you have bark falling off the tree.

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