Can a Split Tree Branch be Repaired on Your Atlanta Property?

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Trees improve your curb appeal, provide shade, and simply look beautiful throughout the different seasons. However, they can sustain damage that requires prompt attention to support their health.

Strong winds and severe weather can quickly cause your tree branches to break off or split, which can be frustrating.

Your first question upon the discovery may be: "Can a split tree branch be repaired?" The short answer is yes. Relying on a tree service specialist in Atlanta like Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta can restore your beautiful trees. 

Why Tree Branches Split 

In addition to the forces of nature, the health of the tree is also a factor in whether or not it is susceptible to splitting. 

These considerations can raise or lower the risk of a split branch: 

  • The structure of the tree and tree stump, specifically where the branch meets the trunk

  • The thickness of the tree 

  • The root system and the soil surrounding it 

  • Changes in the environment, like fallen trees around it or recent construction 

Oftentimes, these factors work together to cause a break. A heavy gust of wind can put too much force on the tree if its structure is compromised, causing the branch to split. If this happens, can a split tree branch be repaired? 

How Tree Branch Repairs Work 

If a tree on your property does experience a branch split, take action quickly. In most cases, trees can heal themselves with the help of a professional tree company. 

As long as the cambium, which is the soft tissue inside the tree, is still intact between the two pieces, the tree will naturally repair itself once braced. 

Grafting is the process where a tree specialist puts the branch back onto the tree and braces it into place using tape or strong cords. Larger trees may require a splint or even bolts and cables to hold them together as they heal. 

Once the cambium is back together, it will slowly heal and new bark will form over the split. 

Top Tips To Care for Your Trees

While you might not be able to completely prevent split tree branches, proper tree care can support the health of your trees as much as possible. 

  1. Regular Tree Trimming: Pruning and trimming your trees removes dead wood while also reducing the load on the tree. 

  2. Water Your Trees: This tip is especially important if your trees are young or freshly in the ground. Regular watering ensures they get the nutrients they need. 

  3. Know When to Remove Them: Sometimes removing an old or dying tree is best for not only the tree in question but also for the health of the trees around it. The best time to have a tree removed is during the dormant season. 

Seek Assistance From Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta

In conclusion, can a split tree branch be repaired? In most cases, yes, with the help of professional tree specialists like Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta. 

In need of some assistance with a split branch or tree removal in the Atlanta area? Contact Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta today at (770) 872-6759 for reliable tree assistance.