What’s the Best Time To Have a Tree Removed From Your Atlanta Property?

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Having trees around your yard is beneficial in diverse ways. First, they can improve your property value. Secondly, they have a long list of health benefits. A single mature tree can generate hundreds of pounds of oxygen per year. Spending time around your trees can, therefore, do wonders for your stress levels and mental health.

However, disease, decay, or pest infestation may force you to remove precious trees from your yard. In any of those scenarios, you’ll find yourself wondering: when is the best time to have a tree removed? Is there an ideal time for tree removal?

Monster Tree Service of North Atlanta, the most reputable tree service company in Atlanta, covers the details of when to remove trees.

The Optimal Tree Removal Season

You can remove a tree at any time, especially when you have an aesthetic or structural reason to do so. However, the dormant season (which coincides with the winter) is widely regarded as the best time to have a tree removed for several reasons:

  • Lighter trees. Dormant trees are generally lighter because most of them have bare branches. Therefore, they are easier to maneuver and remove.

  • Reduced landscape disturbance. The frozen ground helps reduce the extent of disturbance to the surrounding landscape. You can remove the tree without worrying about damage to the plants around it.

  • Easier site cleanup. Removing the tree during this season also means easier cleanup, as most trees generally don’t have any leaves on them.

  • Faster service. Winter is also the best season for tree removal because tree removal companies are generally less busy during the dormant season. The service may also be more affordable.

Is It a Good Idea To Always Wait Until the Dormant Season To Remove a Tree?

No. The dormant season might be the best time to have a tree removed, but it’s always best to judge each case on its own merits. You should remove a tree as quickly as possible if it is a safety hazard or if it’s diseased and you know it won’t survive.

You should never ignore a tree in danger of falling because you want to save a bit more money by removing it in the winter. If the tree falls on your property, the cost of the potential damage will eclipse any amount you may have saved. 

The cost of tree removal will depend on other factors, such as the location, the difficulty of the removal, the tree’s size, and the size of the crew required for the job. Put these factors together, and you may not notice any significant changes in the price estimates you’ll receive for the project in the winter compared to the spring or summer months.

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On paper, the best time to have a tree removed is during the dormant season. However, our experienced crew can remove all types of trees throughout the year. 

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