Which Bugs Are Bad for Trees in Atlanta, GA?

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Our highly diverse ecosystem includes many beneficial insects, beetles, and other bugs that are essential to healthy plant growth. However, a number of pest species cause great harm to our trees. As Atlanta's top tree service company, customers often ask us for help identifying bad bugs for trees in Atlanta and North Georgia. 

Types of Bugs Harmful to Trees

There are a few general categories of bad bugs for trees because of their specific behaviors.

Defoliating Bugs

These bugs damage trees by feeding on green leaves, flowers, and fruits. Environmentally safe pesticides are often useful in fighting these pests.

Sucking Bugs 

These insects feed on fluids they suck from the leaves and stems of trees and shrubs. They also leave behind residue, often called "honeydew," that promotes mold growth that further damages many tree and shrub species.

Burrowing Bugs 

These tunneling bugs are generally believed to cause the most irreparable damage to many tree species. They dig deep inside trees and lay eggs inside. The parasitic bugs rob trees and shrubs of vital structures, essential water, and nourishment.

Some Specific Pest Species Found in Atlanta That Harm Trees

There are some harmful species that have been commonly found recently around Atlanta and North Georgia, including:

  • Tent Caterpillars. These bugs cause significant damage to many broadleaf trees and shrubs. Their communal webs look like tents and can harbor a large number of individual caterpillars. Their voracious appetite seems to have no bounds, and they will rapidly defoliate trees and shrubs of all sizes. They typically severely stunt the growth of immature trees.

  • Southern Pine Beetles. These tiny beetles punch far above their weight, often rapidly killing healthy and mature trees. They are notorious for causing significant damage to eastern forests and wildlife habitats.

  • Aphids. Also known as plant lice, they feed on tree and shrub sap.

  • Bagworms. These caterpillars are defoliators that form communal webs in cone shapes. 

  • Spider Mites. These tiny parasites remove green chlorophyll from tree leaves. When enough of them feed, the leaves turn yellow and brown before they die prematurely. They also inject dangerous toxins into trees as they feed. 

  • Japanese Beetles. This invasive species came to the U.S. as a stowaway from Japan in 1916. Without natural predators in our region, they can strip a tree or shrub of its leaves in days.

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