How to Prevent Texas Oak Wilt


Preventing Oak Wilt

Oak wilt is one of the most damaging diseases to live oaks and red oaks in Texas. It is most prevalent in the spring time, which means you need to start implementing preventative measures now. It is caused by a fungus that travels from tree to tree either through connected root systems or beetles that carry the spores to open wounds on trees. Here are some tips to help prevent your valuable trees from getting infected with oak wilt:

Prune Before Spring

Damaged trees invite disease carrying beetles into the tree. Proper pruning techniques should be used to get rid of damage to your trees. However, it is important to avoid regular pruning of red oaks in the spring, especially if you are near a known oak wilt center. Between February 1 and June 30, mature oak trees should only be pruned to remove damage or to reduce hazards to people or property.

Paint Over Fresh Cuts

During spring, we recommend putting latex paint over large pruning cuts and wounds in oak trees. This will seal the wound and deflect beetles from entering the tree. It will help stop the spread of oak wilt and help your tree from getting oak wilt.

Treat or Dispose of Diseased Trees

If your tree does happen to get infected by oak wilt, contact one of our Professional Arborists immediately to develop a plan for your trees. Some trees can be saved if treated promptly. Others will need to be professionally removed and all debris should be disposed of properly to prevent further spread of oak wilt.

Please consult a Professional Arborist from Monster Tree Service of North Dallas to schedule fall and winter oak tree pruning. We are willing to help you bring your tree and landscape back to life! Call us for a free estimate at 972.564.8613.