Does Your Tree Need to Be Deadwooded?

Pile of wood

Deadwood Removal Services

Properly caring for trees often requires yearly maintenance to keep them healthy, safe, and beautiful. Unfortunately, there are times when some of the branches start to die. This is part of the process for some trees as they mature and grow. When these trees are located near our homes or businesses, this dead wood needs to be periodically removed. Here are some benefits of deadwood removal.

  • Protecting the tree’s health – Dead wood can be a threat to your tree’s health. Often when dead branches break off, they can rip away exposing your tree’s heartwood. This can lead to decay and rot, and sometimes invites insects and disease to attack your tree.
  • Reducing danger – Removing the dead wood quickly prevents the branches from snapping and breaking off the tree. In many cases, a broken branch can cause damage to other parties’ property including their home, vehicles, or in some cases, even a person. Proper deadwood removal can help reduce risk and prevent property damage.
  • Increasing Property Value – A tree that is properly pruned and deadwooded looks far more appealing than a neglected tree. This increases your properties aesthetic appeal, and can have a significant impact on property value.

With the help of a Monster Tree Service Professional Arborist, you can make sure your tree is free of dead wood and can grow strong and healthy. Don’t jeopardize the health or appearance of your tree by neglecting regular tree care. Our team at Monster Tree of North Dallas is here to help!

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