It’s Time to Fertilize Your Trees!

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Tree Fertilization Services

It’s fall, which means it’s the perfect time to get outside and revitalize your garden and lawn with the ever-important maintenance. Part of this means knowing the best way and time to fertilize your trees so that they are at their best, grow stronger, live longer, and look better. Here a few ways to determine if it is time to fertilize your tree and why it is so beneficial.

  • If you notice that the annual twig growth is not up to par with the average, fertilization can help.
  • Fertilization can be beneficial when the tree has undersized leaves and fewer of them.
  • Dead branches and branch tips are also potential signs of needing fertilizer on the tree.
  • If you look at the veins of a lead and they’re darker than the margin, you may need fertilization.
  • If leaves are yellow or purple, you may chalk it up to fall, but a fertilization can also be needed.

Adding fertilization into the normal routine can be helpful in restoring the health of the tree. When fertilizing, it is important to make sure the product is right and the people helping you understand the potential benefits. Fertilizing your tree can do wonders, making sure it gets the nutrients it needs to grow taller and stronger. Overall, it will just have a healthier, fuller look.

If you think your trees might need fertilization to bring health and vigor back, our Certified Arborists at Monster Tree of North Dallas are here to help. We understand the needs of both newly planted and well established trees, and we can provide guidance and support to keep your trees healthy and strong. Our small-town integrity, personal relationships, and national brand mean we have the resources to help you.

For fertilization help, we encourage you to contact our team and schedule your free estimate today.