Tree Watering Tips

For trees to survive and thrive, it is vital that they get the proper amount of water. Newly planted trees require more supplemental water, as they have a much smaller root system that is still developing. Older, more established, trees, even in North Dallas, often require no supplemental watering unless there is an extended drought.

While it is nearly impossible to set hard rules about tree watering due to differing soil conditions between yards, here are some guideline for watering your trees:

  • Newly Planted Trees: New trees should be watered immediately after planting. It will be vital to monitor soil moisture for newly planted trees for a minimum of several months, especially when temperatures are above 90F.
  • Trees during the First Two or Three Years: During the first two or three years of a tree’s life after planting, they expend a great deal of energy trying to establish a strong root system. In this period, you may need to give your trees supplemental watering. This is best done through deep watering, where you thoroughly soak the area around your trees root zone so that all roots, both deep and shallow, are moist.
    The Amount of Water: Two of the leading causes of tree death in North Dallas are over-watering and under-watering. When people see health issues in their trees, the most common mistake is to add more and more water. Your trees soil should be moist rather than soggy, and you can judge this by feel. Adequate oxygen will permeate the soil much better when the soil is allowed to briefly dry between watering. Depending on the season and your trees drainage, slow supplemental watering may take 5 or 10 minutes, or even an hour or more.
  • Frequency of Watering: Quick answer…only when your trees need it. You can check soil moisture by using a garden trowel and inserting it into the ground to a depth of about 3" and wiggling the blade back and forth to create a small narrow trench. Then, simply touch the soil with your finger. If it’s moist to the touch, then there is no need to water. Again, depending on your soil, your trees may need to be watered once a month to as often as 2 or 3 times per week.
  • Watering Established Trees: After a few years of growth, your trees should have developed a strong, healthy roots system. This should allow the tree to survive and thrive during a variety of weather conditions, needing your help with additional watering only during long periods of drought.
  • Mulch: A thin layer of mulch spread around the trunk of your tree, but not piled up against the tree itself will help keep the soil cooler and prevent rapid moisture loss. Be careful though…too much mulch piled up, known as volcano mulching, can cause a whole new set of problems.

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