How To Protect Palm Trees in the Winter

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Palms, with their frond-laden crowns and distinctive silhouettes, add an exotic touch to any landscape. However, when Jack Frost comes calling, the delicate constitution of these tropical beauties may take a beating. 

As the go-to Houston tree service company, we at Monster Tree Service of Northwest Houston know how to protect palm trees in the winter months. The Lone Star State can dish out enough cold snaps to harm your prized specimens, so a little preventive care goes a long way. Keep reading to learn more!

Saturate Your Tree First

Before a big frost and freeze arrives, shower your palm trees with a healthy dose of H2O. Water acts as an insulator, creating a warmer microclimate around your tree. 

When the mercury dips, this buffer helps stave off cold damage. Remember, shallow irrigation systems don’t cut it here. Drench the soil deep down to protect the whole root system.

Opt for Anti-Freeze Sprays

If you want to learn how to protect palm trees in the winter, don’t underestimate the power of an anti-transpirant. When applied, this impressive product forms a thin, protective film over the surface of the fronds, reducing water evaporation and helping palms retain much-needed moisture during the winter months.

Remember, plan appropriately for the cold months ahead when it comes to timing. One application typically lasts up to two months, so plan your winter palm tree spray schedule ahead of the temperature drops. Cover every inch of the fronds for best results. 

Install Covers

Just as you might wear a snug blanket on a brisk winter evening, palm trees appreciate a bit of bundling up, too, including these options:

Anti-frost Wraps

Frost cloth typically comprises breathable, spun fabric that insulates a tree’s more vulnerable parts while still allowing moisture to escape. Wrap them snugly around the trunk, starting from the surrounding soil and working your way up to the top fronds.


Your next ally is good old burlap. This natural, woven material acts as an efficient barrier against freezing temperatures. Simply wrap it the way you would with the anti-frost wraps, ensuring it covers every inch from the soil to the fronds. 

Plastic Sheets

Never cover your specimen directly with plastic! This material traps condensation and encourages tree injuries from fungal and bacterial growth. 

Instead, use poles, posts, or stakes to create a frame around your palm. Drape the plastic sheet over this frame, ensuring it doesn’t directly contact the tree. This setup produces a makeshift greenhouse, holding in warmth while keeping the cold out.

Consult a Local Arborist

Learning how to protect palm trees in the winter works as an excellent first step, but it’s easy to feel overwhelmed without a helping hand. This is where we come in. 

Our crew at Monster Tree Service of Northwest Houston can take the guesswork out of crucial tasks and ensure your living landscape thrives all year round. Protecting your palm is our priority—call (832) 210-1757 today.

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