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As stewards of our environment, it's essential to understand the significance of trees and how to care for them effectively. From enhancing the beauty of our landscapes to providing vital oxygen and habitat for wildlife, trees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. In this newsletter, we'll explore various aspects of tree care, including pruning techniques, pest management, seasonal maintenance tips, and the benefits of urban forestry. Whether you're a seasoned arborist or a passionate tree enthusiast, there's something for everyone to learn as we delve into the world of proper tree care practices.

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Proper Tree Care in Spring

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As Spring continues to bring new life to our trees and shrubs, here’s some insight as to proper care of your plants. The reasons for pruning can be grouped into four categories: training a plant; maintaining plant health; improving the quality of flowers, fruit, and stems; and restricting growth.

Training a plant: Young plants benefit from regular pruning, especially if they are faster growing species. The goal at this stage is to establish the overall framework of the tree or shrub and enhance its natural form so it matures into a structurally sound specimen.

Maintaining Plant Health: Remove dead, dying, or diseased branches helps to promote plant health. Pruning diseased wood often requires cutting into healthy tissue beyond the infection. Thinning out the canopy allows for light penetration and improved air circulation also can help prevent disease problems from developing.

Improves quality: Selectively removing some of the flower-bearing stems can enhance the overall size and quality of flowers and fruit. On flowering shrubs knowing where the flowers are produced (current year’s growth or last year’s growth) will help you determine what to prune. Pruning at the wrong time will drastically reduce or completely eliminate flowering for the season.

Restricting Growth: A neglected or poorly maintained shrub will require extensive pruning to get it back in shape. Shrubs grown as an espalier or formal hedge also will require extensive annual pruning.

Proper Pruning and Industry Standards

Your trees and shrubs deserve the best care. Monster Tree abides by industry and ANSI standards. Both are essential to maintain your tree/shrub's health.

Monster Tree abides by industry standards and ANSI standards. Both are essential to maintain your tree/shrub’s health.

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