Meet Our Team

  • Bill

    Owner/General Manager

    Bill has 25+ years contracts and project management experience, and as owner/General Manager “keeps the lights on” for the company.

  • Diego

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    Diego is a groundsman and handles general repairs & maintenance.

  • Curtis


    Curtis keeps the work site organized and clean with experience also in security. 

  • Colby

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    Colby has become our expert groundsman and ‘rope-guy’ to keep the climbers safe and manage limbs cautiously.

  • Jeremy


    Jeremy handles ground operations and equipment, is studying to be NE Arborist certified, and applies his experience as a veteran.

  • Dave

    Sales Arborist/Operations Manager/Certified Arborist

    Dave is certified arborist with years experience leading crews, running his own company, and working at City of Omaha Forestry.

  • Brad

    Climber/Crew Leader/Certified Arborist

    Brad leads the crews, climbs, and recently earned his NE Arborist certification.

  • Andrew

    PHC/Operations Director/Certified Arborist

    Andrew is certified arborist consulting, selling, directing operations, managing Plant HealthCare, and specializes in crane work.

  • Stevie

    Groundsman/Tree Climber

    Stevie is a groundsman who keeps material moving with experience in landscaping and his family’s business.