Here’s What To Do With an Old Tree Stump

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Do you need to know what to do with an old tree stump? If it sticks out like a sore thumb in your beautiful lawn, you don’t have to put up with it forever.

As the go-to provider of Austin’s tree removal services, our team at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin knows landscape management like the back of our hands. Keep reading as we highlight our top strategies for the reuse of tree stumps.

Hollow It Out and Make a Planter

This works for thicker stumps and allows you to flex your green thumb:

  • Slowly remove chunks from the center while working your way outward. You can use an ax or a mattock and aim for a 4- to 8-inch deep hole with a 3-inch border.

  • Drill a few holes on the sides to drain excess water, making sure they slope toward the ground.

  • Apply pea gravel, pebbles, or free-draining materials at the bottom, then top it off with soil.

  • We recommend planting succulents for smaller holes since they usually have shallow root systems.

Build a “Gnome Home”

Unleash your inner child and transform that unsightly stump into a whimsical abode for gnomes, fairies, and other enchanting garden dwellers. Tall, thin stumps work best, but you can get nifty with any size. 

Attach a miniature roof and doorway to the stump, along with tiny windows or balconies with plywood. Apply varnish to protect it from the elements, or add a splash of color with weather-resistant paint. Complete the project by surrounding it with miniature garden furniture, plants, and shrubs.

Use It as a Flat Surface

Do you know what to do with an old tree stump left over by large varieties like Cedar or Oak? Repurpose it into a charming outdoor table. This creative stump utilization option is handy for impromptu backyard barbecues or creating a meditative space with your morning coffee.

You can also turn it into a bird bath, fountain, or other water feature. If you have children, carve a tic-tac-toe grid on top for a fun outdoor game.

Depending on the height and size of the stump, you might also consider crafting it into a rustic stool or outdoor seating. 

Seek Tree Stump Removal

Making garden decor with tree stumps is a worthwhile endeavor, however, they can sometimes prove more of a nuisance than a novelty. They can invite unwelcome pests or even pose a tripping hazard. Because of the natural stump decomposition process, your hard work will likely rot and decay after several years. 

Why not consider your stump grinding options instead? Our crew at Monster Tree Service of Greater Austin knows what to do with an old tree stump and free up your yard for other landscaping projects. We’re all about safety, efficiency, and preserving the beauty of your outdoors. 

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