Effective Emerald Ash Borer Treatment and Prevention

Tens of millions of ash trees have died due to a small Asian beetle known as the emerald ash borer (EAB). The emerald ash borer is a well-known and devastating pest to ash trees in 36 states and counting, continuing to kill these beautiful trees.

Your locally owned and operated Monster Tree Service provides preventative treatments for healthy trees and helps relieve a tree of an active infestation that hasn’t progressed too far.

Emerald Ash Borer Signs to Watch Out For

The signs of an emerald ash borer infestation are clear, but homeowners must be vigilant. Regularly check everything from your tree’s bark to the tallest branches for signs of damage.

Signs of emerald ash borer damage include:

  • D-shaped holes in the outer bark
  • Excessive “flecking” from woodpeckers
  • Dead branches in the upper canopy
  • Loss of leaves in the topmost branches
  • “Bald spots” where leaves have stopped growing

Excessive woodpecker flecking is an indicator that there may be a large population of boring insects under the bark of your trees, including EAB. The birds themselves are not an issue—it’s what they’re finding that makes them such a troubling sign.

The Effect of Emerald Ash Borer Damage

If your EAB infestation isn’t caught and successfully treated, it will kill your ash tree before the insects move on to infest other nearby ash trees. Even with treatment, emerald ash borers can inflict enough damage to kill a tree if they’re not caught in time. The larvae are EAB’s deadly stage; they slowly kill your ash by eating vital parts of the trunk.

How to Get Rid of Emerald Ash Borer Larvae: Rely on Professional Treatment

Monster Tree Service’s treatments for emerald ash borer are scientifically based, and the experienced tree healthcare specialists at each location know precisely how to handle infestations of all kinds. Our certified arborists know the best way to prepare and protect your trees without impacting the rest of your yard, making our treatments safe and environmentally friendly. Don’t wait to call—let Monster Tree Service protect your trees today.

How to Prevent Emerald Ash Borer Infestations

Even better than rescuing a beautiful ash from a current infestation, prevent one from happening in the first place! We can apply emerald ash borer prevention sprays every 2-3 years to discourage these harmful insects from setting up residence in your trees. This protects your trees, as well as your neighbors’, from the most harmful effects of EAB.

Finding Emerald Ash Borer Treatment Near Me

Emerald ash borer control and removal can help save some of your favorite backyard trees. We’ll tell you which of your trees are vulnerable to EAB infestation and apply prevention or treatment to keep them as safe and healthy as possible. Contact your local Monster Tree Service for an online job estimate or call us at (888) 744-0155.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Emerald Ash Borer Kill Trees?

While still under your ash tree’s bark, emerald ash borer larvae live and feed on the vital parts of the trunk that move water and sugars, choking the tree of its vital nutrients and water. Larvae cause extensive damage to the trees while boring through them, creating distinctive patterns called “galleries.” Remember those D-shaped holes? This damage shows where the larvae eventually emerge as adult beetles.

Where did the emerald ash borer come from?

The emerald ash borer is native to temperate areas of northeast Asia, including regions of China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, and Russia. It arrived in the US in 2002 in southeastern Michigan, likely hidden inside wooden shipping materials.

What does an emerald ash borer look like?

Adult beetles have bright, metallic green shells and are very small: only about half an inch long and a quarter inch wide. EAB eggs are even tinier, about 1/25 inch in diameter and reddish brown, to blend in with tree bark. The larvae are white, with a flat head for boring and a segmented body.

What does emerald ash borer treatment cost?

Your treatment costs will vary based on how many trees you need treated, the size of the tree(s), and the damage present. At peak population, emerald ash borers can kill trees in 1–3 years. When the number of insects per generation is smaller, larger trees can survive up to 3-4 years of infestation. However, the longer your trees have the insects inside them, the harder it is to save them.

Related Services

Protect your trees through EAB treatment and beyond. Don’t forget these other services, to keep your trees at their best:

  • Emerald ash borers aren’t the only threat to trees. We offer insect & disease management for all types of tree pests and ailments.
  • EAB can cause tree dieback, leaving dangerously dangling dead branches. Protect your home from falling limbs with professional deadwooding.
  • Sometimes, the infestation is too much. We offer tree removal for ash trees that are too damaged to survive EAB treatment.

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